Friends of Boley is a good cause

Published 7:00 am Saturday, March 8, 2014

Local citizens should become more aware of volunteer efforts such as Friends of Boley.

The group was formed more than four years ago after one of its members, John Huck, was kayaking down the Hobolochitto Creek and discovered a blockade of trash instead of a clear path.

He spoke with other like-minded community members who banded together to clear the creek of its tons of discarded waste and Friends of Boley was created.

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The first cleanup was especially difficult. It involved removing large freezers, ice chests and a number of fallen trees from the creek. Not an easy task. Since then the group has picked up tons of litter, which is carried by wind and water to the creek.

Four years and several successful cleanups later, the group intends to expand their efforts to expose residents to its beauty.

Friends of Boley board president Scott White said the board will meet Tuesday at Highland Community Hospital. During that meeting they intend to discuss the possibility of holding a spring race along the section of the creek they clean each year, from Long Bridge on Beech Street, to Burnt Bridge on Burnt Bridge Road.

While the race is not set in stone, if held it would make a fun event for outdoor enthusiasts to experience the creek.

White said he does not expect another cleanup before the race, especially since they removed about three tons of trash during the last year’s fall cleanup.

The group is also working to obtain their non-profit status, allowing them to apply for grant funding. If approved, grant funding could be used to build trails along the creek on the 20 acres set aside by the city near the old Arizona Chemicals building, or possibly remove trash from a lager section of the creek than they have in the past. The possibilities are endless.