Crosby Arboretum’s Strawberry and Cream festival

This past Sunday, the Crosby Arboretum in Picayune held a Strawberries and Cream festival to celebrate the history of the Arboretum having been used as a Depression-era strawberry farm.

The event started at 1 p.m. and continued until about 3 p.m. In the visitor’s center, a table was set up with bowls of ice cream, toppings, whipped cream, nuts and, of course, strawberries. At the Pinecote Pavilion, tables and benches were set up around the area and refreshments were served. A local musical circle played up-beat music, couples talked and danced and kids ran around throwing fish food into the pond.

Visitor Stacy Ferguson, said this was her family’s first time visiting the Arboretum. She said they headed to the event after being told about it by staff at the Arboretum’s Main Street Festival booth. She said she and her family really enjoyed it, and that they will absolutely visit the Arboretum again in the future.

“Everyone was so nice, and it was so beautiful,” Ferguson said.

Patricia Drackett, Director of the Crosby Arboretum, said this event is a way to remember and celebrate the Arboretum’s history while also allowing people to come by and see the Arboretum free of cost. During the Depression, the land the Arboretum sits on was used as a large, 640 acre strawberry farm. While the farm itself only lasted for a few years, when the Arboretum was established board members decided to keep the farm’s memory alive with the yearly event. Drackett said the festival used to be a formal event, but has since evolved into a way for local community members to come out and enjoy a fun, ice cream-filled day at the Arboretum.

“It was a great event. Even though it was an overcast and chilly day, we had a great turnout,” Dracket said.

While an official headcount has not yet been made, Drackett said this year’s attendance was one of the best. She said she really appreciated all of the Arboretum’s followers on social media getting involved and sharing the event among their friends.

While this year was one of the best yet, Drackett said she is already making plans to make next year’s event an even bigger success.