YUNEity Hosts Annual Senior Day Parade for Picayune Memorial High School Graduates

Published 11:31 pm Monday, May 13, 2024

YUNEity (Youth Uniting from Neighborhood Empowerment) orchestrated its annual Senior Day Parade on Saturday, showcasing Picayune Memorial High School graduates. The parade procession began at Crosby Commons and concluded at the Marc C. Richardson Center, where attendees awaited the graduates with tables laden with gifts and refreshments.

The parade route served as a platform to highlight the seniors’ accomplishments, drawing spectators along the streets who offered their support. At the Richardson Center, each graduate received individual recognition from the community and congratulations for their achievements.

This event, deeply rooted in the neighborhood’s traditions, spotlighted the unity and cohesion among residents. It fostered an environment for locals to come together and acknowledge the academic milestones of the graduating seniors.

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The Senior Day Parade not only celebrates the academic feats of the graduating class but also underscores the significance of community engagement in education. As the seniors embark on college journeys, they carry their neighbors’ support and best wishes, who stand ready to assist them.