Picayune School District Board Meeting Covers Tennis Team Concerns, Gifted Program, Automotive Donation and Wold Bee Day

Published 8:46 pm Thursday, May 16, 2024

The Picayune School District Board convened on Wednesday and addressed various topics, from sports facilities to educational programs and donations.

Members of the Picayune Tennis Team brought forward concerns regarding the urgent need for new tennis courts. A team representative with six years of experience highlighted issues such as inconsistent net heights and court line maintenance. Emphasizing tennis as a legitimate sport at Picayune Memorial High School (PMHS), concerns were raised about the limited court availability impacting events like Senior Night and overall team performance. Safety concerns were also voiced, citing incidents during practice sessions at park courts. The team stressed the necessity of new courts to accommodate the growing number of players and ensure a safe training environment.

A presentation on the Gifted Program focused on fostering originality, creativity, and self-confidence among students. The program aims to enhance community bonds across grade levels, promote mental health, and develop practical problem-solving skills. Advocacy for gifted students was highlighted, emphasizing the importance of expanding their horizons beyond Picayune and providing exposure to diverse experiences. Examples of student projects showcased the program’s impact on inspiring learning initiatives across the district.

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A generous donation was announced during the meeting, with Picayune Memorial High School’s automotive program set to receive a 2024 Nissan Pathfinder. The vehicle, designated for learning purposes only, will be a valuable resource for students to gain hands-on experience in automotive repair and maintenance.

The meeting concluded with reminders about upcoming events, including the World Bee Day Festival at Roseland Park Elementary on May 20th. Students from Roseland Park Elementary gave a presentation citing bee facts and telling the board about World Bee Day. The gifted programs unit on bees inspired students.