Governor Proclaims Confederate Heritage Month

Published 5:37 pm Friday, April 12, 2024

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves proclaimed April 12, 2024, designating April as Confederate Heritage Month. In the proclamation, Governor Reeves underscored the historical significance of April, marking the commencement of the American Civil War in 1861. This pivotal war in American history is the backdrop for commemorating Confederate Heritage Month. Governor Reeves further emphasized the importance of honoring those who served in the Confederate army, declaring the last Monday of April as Confederate Memorial Day, a legal holiday in the state.

The proclamation called on all Americans to reflect on the nation’s past and acknowledge its mistakes and successes. Governor Reeves emphasized the importance of learning from history to shape a better future and encouraged citizens to appreciate their heritage and the opportunities ahead.

The announcement received support from groups such as the Gainesville Volunteers SCV Camp 373, which expressed gratitude to Governor Reeves for continuing the tradition of honoring Mississippi Confederate soldiers. The camp emphasized these soldiers’ courage, commitment, and dedication, calling for their stories to be remembered and passed down to future generations.

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In a clarifying statement, Gainesville Volunteers SCV Camp 373 emphasized that the views expressed in the proclamation reflect only their camp’s perspective. They made it clear that their statement does not represent the broader perspectives of the Sons of Confederate Veterans organization or its affiliates, ensuring readers understand the situation comprehensively.

The camp operates as a non-political organization dedicated to preserving and honoring the history and heritage of Mississippi Confederate soldiers through educational programs, commemorative events, and community outreach initiatives. They do not engage in political activities or endorse specific political positions or candidates.