Picayune Police Department Conducts Tactical Shield Training

Published 2:30 pm Friday, February 23, 2024

The Picayune Police Department recently completed a three-day training session focused on the proper use of mini-tactical shields. Led by Training Officer Justin Miller and Detective Hunter Callahan, the training aimed to familiarize officers with the shields, which were purchased last year.

The eight-hour training session comprised classroom instruction and practical exercises. Officers learned how to maneuver with the shields, including entering thresholds and using them with a simulator gun. The training also included time on the shooting range, where officers practiced using the shields in various scenarios.

During the training, officers worked with the shields individually, in pairs, and larger groups. The emphasis was on teaching officers how to effectively use the shields to protect themselves and others in potentially dangerous situations.

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One statistic shared during the training highlighted the importance of the shields: 88% of deaths in the line of duty are attributed to injuries to the head, neck, and upper torso. Each officer is equipped with a shield to ensure protection if they respond to a call alone or with minimal backup.