Mississippi Governor Reeves Inaugurated, Outlines Vision for “Mississippi Forever”

Published 12:20 pm Thursday, January 11, 2024

Governor Tate Reeves was sworn in for his second term in a ceremony at the Mississippi Capitol, where he delivered a speech outlining his vision for the state under the theme “Mississippi Forever.”

Governor Reeves began by expressing gratitude to his family, particularly acknowledging his wife, First Lady Elee Reeves, for her support. He also thanked his daughters, parents, and other family members.

Reflecting on his political journey, Reeves recalled the unexpected election in 2003 that made him the first Republican treasurer in Mississippi. He thanked the state’s people for their trust and underscored his commitment to being a governor for all Mississippians, regardless of political affiliations.

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The governor highlighted the challenges faced during his first term, including natural disasters and the ongoing pandemic, praising the resilience of Mississippians in overcoming these hurdles. He stressed the importance of unity, describing it as the defining characteristic of the state.

Reeves then recapped the achievements of his first term, citing workforce training initiatives, teacher pay raises, economic investments, tax cuts, and improvements in education. He pointed to Mississippi’s momentum and declared that the state was just getting started.

Looking ahead, the governor unveiled his vision for “Mississippi Forever.” He outlined a bold agenda that includes continued tax relief, transformational efforts in education, protection of the pro-life agenda, and making Mississippi the safest state in the nation. Reeves emphasized the need for bold reforms, job creation, and a commitment to principles to secure a brighter future for the state.

The governor concluded his speech by acknowledging the responsibility shared by elected officials to make decisions that will impact future generations positively. He called for unity, determination, and a collective effort to make Mississippi a lasting home for all its residents.