Picayune Police Report Arrest of Connie Shelton for Fraudulent Checks

Published 11:18 am Friday, December 29, 2023

Today, the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office arrested Connie Shelton for warrants within their jurisdiction and several others, including Picayune. Shelton is explicitly wanted in connection with the use of fraudulent checks.

She will be charged with False Pretense Felony (x1) and False Pretense Misdemeanor (x2). Shelton is on probation with the Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC) for similar crimes.

Police Chief Joe Quave commented on the arrest, stating, “Again, we take things like that personally. Picayune is a great town, and one of the many things that makes it great is our businesses. For someone to think they will come here and take advantage of that is insulting.”

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Detective Mike Hickey was crucial in locating Shelton, not stopping until she was found. Several agencies want Shelton for similar offenses, some of whom were unaware until Picayune Police went public with their case.

Despite Picayune’s jurisdiction, Chief Quave emphasized their efforts extend beyond city limits. He stated, “Our jurisdiction may be limited to Picayune, but our efforts aren’t. We spoke with people from Simpson County to the coast and everywhere.”

The collaborative approach involved engaging with victims, law enforcement agencies, and individuals providing tips. Chief Quave commended Detective Hickey’s dedication, stating, “Detective Hickey wasn’t going to stop until she was found, and he did just that. Excellent job by him, and Shelton is someone else who picked the wrong town.”

The Picayune Police Department thanked everyone involved in making the arrest possible and acknowledged Lamar County for taking Shelton into custody. Chief Quave highlighted the significance of networking, stating, “Networking goes a long way, and we can accomplish a lot when we work together.”