Picayune Police Apprehend Suspect in Commercial Burglary

Published 7:55 pm Monday, December 18, 2023

On December 16, officers responded to a reported commercial burglary at 2021 Hwy 11. Investigation revealed an unknown individual had unlawfully entered the rear storage area of the building, stealing various items.

Continuing their inquiry, officers followed a trail of evidence leading them to the Picayune Motel at 2001 Hwy 11. Surveillance footage from the motel identified Craig Armond Jr. loading the stolen property into his vehicle. Subsequently, officers, in collaboration with the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Office, apprehended Armond at his residence, 7092 Hwy 11 North, where the stolen items were recovered.

Chief Joe Quave commended the officers, stating, “Another solid job by officers determined to hold thieves accountable. They continue to exemplify the effort we have as a department to solve crime.”

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Highlighting the significance of video surveillance, Chief Quave emphasized its affordability and user-friendliness in today’s technological landscape. He encouraged individuals and business owners to utilize such systems for enhanced security.

Chief Quave noted, “People are ignorant regarding the recurring issue of commercial burglaries. If they were smart, they wouldn’t do it to begin with. They see a chance to take advantage or exploit a weakness but don’t consider that we want to solve it more than they want to steal it.”

Chief Quave did not provide specific insights when asked about the persistence of these incidents despite continuous arrests.

Chief Quave also advised business owners on preventing such incidents, stating, “Surveillance is the biggest thing, but reporting thefts goes a long way, too. Often, people dismiss something if it doesn’t have much value and goes unreported. But what’s usually going on is it’s happened in several places and left unreported; it gives a thief confidence.”