Detective Sean Talley Completes Accident Reconstruction Course

Published 8:56 am Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Detective Sean Talley of the Picayune Police Department has concluded the six-week Accident Reconstruction Course at the Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers Training Academy. He joins 13 other officers from across the state who graduated from this program, which enables participants to investigate crashes involving criminal activity.

The training is divided into three levels. In Level I, known as On Scene Accident Homicide Investigation, Detective Talley learned techniques for identifying and recording physical evidence at accident scenes, including measuring, scale diagramming, and photography. Additionally, the course covered the estimation of vehicle speed from skid marks and determining the drag factor of surfaces using basic principles of physics and mathematics.

Level II, titled Technical Accident Investigation, delves into advanced topics such as vehicle damage analysis, scale diagramming, vehicle dynamics, time and distance equations, and speed estimates from skids, scuffs, falls, vaults, and rolls.

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Accident Reconstruction Level III, the final phase, provides a comprehensive understanding of accident investigation techniques.

Police Chief Joe Quave expressed satisfaction with Detective Talley’s completion, highlighting the rigor of the three-level, six-week program. “We’re pleased with this accomplishment. It consisted of three levels, each two weeks long. There is not a high graduation rate for that class, so we acknowledge his achievements and anticipate strengthened capabilities within our department,” Chief Quave said.

Chief Quave underscored the practical benefits of Detective Talley’s training for crash investigations involving criminal elements. The skills acquired will aid in providing pertinent information to the District Attorney’s office during the prosecution of cases related to vehicular incidents.

In a historical context, Chief Quave noted, “To my knowledge, he is the first Picayune Police Officer to complete Accident Reconstruction.” This milestone reflects the dedication of Detective Talley and underscores the department’s commitment to advancing investigative capacities.

Detective Sean Talley’s successful completion of the Accident Reconstruction Course signifies progress for the Picayune Police Department, enhancing its ability to handle complex investigations and contributing to the overall effectiveness of law enforcement in the community.