Deputy Michael Landrum Graduates Harrison County Law Enforcement Training Academy

Published 9:21 am Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Deputy Michael Landrum completed the Harrison County Law Enforcement Training Academy’s 11-week program on Friday. The graduation ceremony marked the conclusion of Landrum’s training, covering essential aspects of law enforcement, including academics, defensive tactics, firearms, emergency vehicle operation, and physical fitness.

Sheriff David Allison acknowledged the accomplishment: “We are happy to have him.” Allison commended the academy’s training methods, emphasizing their effectiveness in preparing law enforcement professionals. “They do a great job training and preparing them there at the academy,” he noted.

Deputy Landrum will now transition from formal training to practical experience. Sheriff Allison announced that Landrum would finalize his training by shadowing alongside a Field Training Officer (FTO). This hands-on phase provides valuable exposure to real-world scenarios, enhancing Landrum’s readiness for challenges in his upcoming law enforcement career.

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