Poplarville Hosts Jimmy Buffett Tribute Concert in Collaboration with Chamber of Commerce and Pearl River Community College

Published 2:18 pm Wednesday, October 11, 2023

The City of Poplarville, in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce and Pearl River Community College, organized a Jimmy Buffett Tribute concert on Tuesday, showcasing the influence and roots of the renowned musician within the community. The event served as a platform to celebrate Jimmy Buffett’s connection to Poplarville and his past enrollment at Pearl River Junior College.

Mayor Louise Smith commenced the event with a speech, reminiscing about Jimmy Buffett’s earlier days in Poplarville and his time at Pearl River Junior College. Citizens provided insights into the artist’s formative years, shedding light on his local connections.

Jimmy Buffett’s association with Pearl River Junior College has historical significance for Poplarville, and the tribute concert aimed to honor this bond and its impact on the community.

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The City expressed its satisfaction with the event. “We enjoyed putting this together for the community, and the feedback has been positive,” the statement read. “Community members were left wanting more, making the hard work worthwhile.”

Reflecting on the event, Mayor Smith described it as a successful and enjoyable gathering for all attendees. “This was a positive event for everyone, and it achieved its goals,” Mayor Smith noted, acknowledging the event’s accomplishments.

The tribute concert featured several artists, including Rossie Creel, a former Mayor of Poplarville, Clifton Worley, Brad Garrett, and Jon Marc Burge. Their performances contributed to the lively tribute to Jimmy Buffett, celebrating the artist’s musical legacy. Attendees left the event with a sense of appreciation for the local ties to a music icon, looking forward to future events that honor the city’s cultural heritage.