November 7th Election Ballot and Candidates

Published 9:49 am Thursday, October 26, 2023

The State of Mississippi is gearing up for a significant election, on November 7th, with several crucial positions up for grabs. As voters prepare to cast their ballots, it’s essential to understand the candidates competing for various state offices.


  • Brandon Presley (Democrat)
  • Tate Reeves (Republican)
  • Gwendolyn Gray (Independent)

Lieutenant Governor:

  • D. Ryan Grover (Democrat)
  • Delbert Hosemann (Republican)

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Secretary Of State:

  • Ty Pinkins (Democrat)
  • Michael Watson (Republican)

Attorney General:

  • Lynn Fitch (Republican)
  • Greta Kemp Martin (Democrat)

State Auditor:

  • Larry Bradford (Democrat)
  • Shad White (Republican)

State Treasurer:

  • Addie L. Green (Democrat)
  • David McRae (Republican)

Commissioner Of Agriculture & Commerce:

  • Robert ‘Brad’ Bradford Sr. (Democrat)
  • Andy Gipson (Republican)

Commissioner Of Insurance:

  • Bruce Burton (Democrat)
  • Mike Chaney (Republican)

Public Service Commissioner, Southern District:

  • Nelson Wayne Carr (Republican)

Transportation Commissioner, Southern District:

  • Charles Busby (Republican)
  • Steven Brian Griffin (Independent)

District Attorney 15, District 15:

  • Hal Kittrell (Republican)

State Senate 40, District 40:

  • Angela Burks Hill (Republican)
  • Thomas Lehr (Democrat)

State House Of Rep 93, District 93:

  • Timmy Ladner (Republican)

State House Of Rep 106, District 106:

  • Jansen Owen (Republican)

State House Of Rep 108, District 108:

  • Stacey Hobgood Wilkes (Republican)

Pearl River Chancery Clerk:

  • Melinda Smith Bowman (Republican)

Pearl River Circuit Clerk:

  • Nance Fitzpatrick Stokes (Republican)

Pearl River Coroner:

  • Derek Turnage (Republican)

Pearl River County Prosecuting Attorney:

  • Mike Patten (Republican)

Pearl River Sheriff:

  • David Allison (Republican)
  • Joseph Haralson (Democrat)

Pearl River Tax Collector/Assessor:

  • Jo Lynn Houston (Republican)

Supervisor 1, District 1:

  • Donald R. Hart (Democrat)

Supervisor 2, District 2:

  • Malcolm Perry (Republican)
  • Toni Lee Shubert (Independent)

Supervisor 3, District 3:

  • Cruz Russell (Republican)

Supervisor 4, District 4:

  • Jason Spence (Republican)
  • Percy C. Quin, III (Independent)

Supervisor 5, District 5:

  • Bryce Lott (Republican)

Election Commissioner 2, District 2:

  • Rebecca Taylor (Nonpartisan)

Election Commissioner 4, District 4:

  • Reggie Hanberry (Nonpartisan)

North Justice Court Judge, North District J C:

  • Ben Breland (Republican)

Southeast Justice Court Judge, South East District J C:

  • Donald D. Fail (Republican)

Southwest Justice Court Judge, South West District J C:

  • Jason Hunt (Republican)

North Constable, North District:

  • Danny Joe Slade (Republican)

Southeast Constable, South East District:

  • Todd Douglas (Republican)

Southwest Constable, South West District:

  • Rhonda Poche Johnson (Republican)