Pearl River County Man Receives 25-Year Sentence in Landmark Drug Trafficking Case

Published 2:09 pm Friday, October 20, 2023

The Pearl River County Sheriff’s Office commenced an investigation into Brandon Keith Jackson of 10 Luther Walker Rd. in Picayune, Mississippi, around November 18, 2020. The investigation culminated in the execution of a search warrant and Jackson’s subsequent arrest on multiple drug charges, including two counts of trafficking of a controlled substance and one count of aggravated trafficking of a controlled substance.

On October 9, 2023, Jackson faced trial in Pearl River County on these charges and was found guilty of two counts of trafficking a controlled substance and one count of aggravated trafficking a controlled substance.

After a three-year legal process, Jackson was sentenced by Judge Prentiss G. Harrell following his conviction on drug trafficking charges. The charges against Jackson encompassed the trafficking of marijuana, MDMA, and aggravated trafficking of THC. Judge Harrell presided over the sentencing.

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During the sentencing proceedings, Judge Harrell acknowledged Jackson’s involvement in the drug trade and the challenges posed by drug-related issues in Pearl River County. The court received eleven letters advocating for Jackson, portraying his character and likability. Additionally, a statement from the chief deputy regarding Jackson’s arrest was presented to the judge.

Judge Harrell emphasized the court’s belief in affording individuals multiple opportunities for rehabilitation, stating, “The court does believe in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and even 5th chances.” He also commented on the permissive attitudes toward drug-related issues in certain institutions.

Before delivering the sentence, Judge Harrell commented on Jackson’s amiable and personable nature, as evident in the supportive letters. The judge also acknowledged Jackson’s intelligence and attentiveness during the jury selection.

Ultimately, Brandon Keith Jackson was sentenced to 25 years, with no possibility of parole or probation. Concluding the sentencing, Judge Harrell addressed Jackson directly, saying, “If you used your talent for good and for the community, you would have been successful.”

The Pearl River County Sheriff’s Office expressed satisfaction with the case’s outcome. Jackson had relocated to Pearl River County from another state to establish a drug operation, believing it would be a haven for such activities. The Sheriff’s Office commended its dedicated staff for their hard work throughout the case. They also acknowledged the efforts of District Attorney Hal Kitrell and his team, along with Nancy Stokes and her staff at the Circuit Clerk’s Office, for their contributions to the prosecution. Sheriff Allison thanked Judge Prentiss Harrell and his staff for overseeing the case and delivering the sentence.

The Sheriff’s Office hopes this case sends a clear message to all potential drug dealers in Pearl River County, emphasizing that drug-related activities will not be tolerated within or near the county. The message is one of deterrence, with a strong warning that those found guilty will be targeted, arrested, and subsequently imprisoned.