Civic Infrastructure Day to Strengthen Community Engagement

Published 8:34 am Tuesday, October 24, 2023

In a collaborative effort, Pearl River County and the Greater Picayune Area Chamber of Commerce hosted Civic Infrastructure Day on Thursday, running from 8 am to 3 pm. The event focused on the significance of civic infrastructure, decision-making processes, and provided updates on upcoming changes in both the City of Picayune and Pearl River County.

Leading the event was Pearl River County Economic Director Lindsay Ward. A roster of speakers included County Administrator Adrian Lumpkin and County Supervisors Malcolm Perry, Jason Spence, and Donald Hart. These officials discussed past developments during their tenures and looked ahead to the future changes that are inevitable.

Picayune’s leadership, including Mayor Jim Luke and City Manager Harvey Miller, also addressed the audience, highlighting their strategies for moving the city forward and creating opportunities for change.

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The event also provided insights into county operations, including financial matters, project initiation, and funding.

Lindsay Ward, reflecting on the event, emphasized that Civic Infrastructure Day enabled program participants to receive updates from both Pearl River County and the City of Picayune. It demonstrated the power of regional partnerships in enhancing economic competitiveness and strengthening the community.

Laci Lee the Executive Director at the chamber highlighted the importance of Civic Infrastructure Day for program participants, emphasizing the pivotal role that civic infrastructure plays in building a prosperous community. She noted that the event served as a valuable opportunity for participants to gain deeper insights into the workings of county and city government and understand how these entities impact their professional and personal lives.