City of Picayune Expands City Limits with Annexation of 92 Acres

Published 9:02 am Monday, October 30, 2023

The City of Picayune has formally announced its intention to expand its municipal boundaries by annexing approximately 92 acres. This expansion encompasses Exit 6, Exit 1, and the forthcoming Love’s establishment. The annexation of these six commercial sites is expected to bolster the city’s financial resources through additional property and sales tax revenue.

With these newly annexed areas falling within the city’s jurisdiction, Picayune benefits from increased property tax revenue and a share of the sales tax collected within its limits. According to local tax regulations, the city retains 18.5% of the 7% sales tax when contained within its jurisdiction, in contrast to a scenario in which 100% of the sales tax would be directed to the state if the properties remained outside city limits.

The city anticipates that this expansion will promote economic development and enhance the business environment, making it more conducive for enterprises to establish and operate within its jurisdiction.

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The City Clerk, Sid Albritton, emphasized that all annexations are voluntary and initiated at the landowners’ request. This voluntary nature of the annexation highlights a cooperative relationship between the city and property owners, signifying a mutual commitment to development.

Additionally, Albritton assured that the existing resources and infrastructure of the city are fully equipped to accommodate these new additions. The proximity of the annexed areas to existing city properties ensures that there will be no added strain on city resources.

The City of Picayune is poised to benefit economically from this annexation, anticipating increased revenue and a more dynamic local economy.