Man Arrested for Threatening Picayune School District on Social Media

Published 11:37 am Thursday, September 7, 2023

On September 6th, 2023, officers of the Picayune Police Department responded to a concerning social media post that raised potential safety concerns for the Picayune School District. Dustin Taylor of Hancock County, Mississippi, made explicit threats on Facebook, claiming his intention to harm a school within the district.

Detectives promptly initiated an investigation into Taylor’s online statements. As a result of their efforts, they successfully obtained an arrest warrant for Taylor on charges of making terrorist threats. On the same day the threats came to light, detectives located Taylor at his residence on Old Bouie Rd and executed the arrest warrant.

Police Chief Joe Quave emphasized the gravity of Taylor’s online remarks, stating, “His post referenced not only Picayune schools but the city of Picayune, giving the city a countdown till he would ‘Reign terror like this place has never known.'”

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In Taylor’s social media post, he mentioned concerns related to bullying and the perceived inadequacy of child protection within the school system. Authorities stressed the importance of addressing such grievances through legal and non-threatening channels rather than intimidation or violence.

Taylor now faces charges related to his threats, and legal proceedings will follow as the case develops. Law enforcement agencies nationwide have been increasingly vigilant in addressing threats made on social media platforms to uphold community safety.

Residents of Picayune and the surrounding areas can be assured that local authorities take all potential threats seriously and will continue to diligently work to maintain the safety and security of the community, particularly concerning the well-being of students in the Picayune School District.

Chief Quave had this statement about bullying :

Posting threats of violence on social media solves nothing and creates more problems. If someone threatens to “burn it down to the ground,” “rain down terror,” and puts us on a clock, we take that seriously.

Bullying is not okay, and if a parent feels like it’s not being handled correctly, there is always someone higher to talk to teacher, principal, superintendent, school board, etc.

We appreciate the hard work of our Detectives and the Picayune School District, Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department, and Hancock County Sheriff’s Department for assisting us with this case.

On the Picayune Police Department’s Facebook, they said, “We routinely use humor as a way of communication, but we will tell everyone that the Picayune Police Department finds no humor in this and takes these and all cases very seriously. Thank you again to all involved in bringing this investigation to a peaceful resolution.”