Hinds County Supervisor Calls for Resignation Amid Election Controversy

Published 4:37 pm Monday, September 4, 2023

Hinds County District 2 Supervisor David Archie has publicly called for Jacqueline Amos, Chair of the Democratic Executive Committee in Hinds County, to step down. Archie alleges that Amos tampered with the results of the Democratic Primary, affecting his re-election bid.

At a press conference held at the Hinds County Election Commission headquarters on Thursday, Archie accused Amos of manipulating the primary election to ensure his opponent, Anthony Smith, emerged victorious. Archie, who recently lost to Smith by nearly 1,900 votes in the primary, presented what he claimed was evidence of Amos’s interference.

“We have videotape of Jacquie Amos going into boxes, bringing in thumb drives, bringing in ballots to be inserted into machines,” Archie asserted. “We have pictures of Jacquie Amos participating in what we think is fraud, as well as corruption.”

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Archie further disclosed a screenshot of a text message he alleges was sent by Amos. The text exchange, according to Archie, suggests Amos’s involvement in unfair election practices. In the message, an unidentified sender implores Amos not to allow election irregularities, stating, “Don’t let ‘them’ cheat Deborah Dixon out of her election. She won fair and square.” Amos’s purported response, as presented by Archie, reads, “She won, and she was ‘f—ing David Archie on site.'”

Archie announced his intention to demand the resignation of Amos and her secretary from their positions within the state and national Democratic Parties. Additionally, he plans to challenge the election outcome with the county’s executive committee.