Picayune City Council Progress on Police Station and Infrastructure Grants

Published 9:20 am Tuesday, August 8, 2023

The latest Picayune City Council meeting on August 1st saw several significant developments and decisions.

One critical update presented during the meeting was from the Public Works Department regarding constructing the much-anticipated new police station. Construction is progressing steadily, with the station walls beginning to take shape.

The council approved two grant awards from the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) to enhance the city’s environmental and infrastructure capabilities. The first grant, valued at $200,133.62, is designated for the Ridge Crest Water project, aimed at improving the water infrastructure in the area. The second grant, amounting to $609,290.34, will be directed toward creating new drainage systems for the city hall premises.

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The Council also approved a  project centered around Friendship Park. The authorized project, valued at $2,093,255.00, will upgrade the baseball and softball fields. The focus will be on rejuvenating the turf and outfield areas. While this project will be focused on bringing tourism to Picayune, citizens were concerned about the effort being put into other places and other parks in Picayune

There will be a more in-depth story about the park and a breakdown of the money being spent.

Anticipating the fiscal needs of the upcoming year, the council accepted two grants for the Picayune police department for the 2024 fiscal year totaling $40,000.