Pearl River County Primary Election Day

Published 11:19 am Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Pearl River County  Primary Election Day is finally here, marked by citizens visiting polling stations and poll workers diligently performing their roles.

Poll worker Kyra McArthur, stationed at the Margaret Reed Crosby Memorial Library, shared her insights into the day’s proceedings. A seasoned veteran in the world of election administration, McArthur noted that the polling station experienced significant foot traffic during distinct timeframes. The morning hours before business commencement, midday lunch break, and final business hours all attracted eager participants.

McArthur has three-year tenure as a poll worker encompassing six elections; this year,  vote tallying is being handled by having paper ballots fed into a machine. Additionally, a voting machine equipped with screen and audio capabilities catered to those seeking alternative voting methods.

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The primary motivation for voters was as diverse as the candidates themselves. Charles Lowe, a staunch Jo Lynn Huston and John Bolton supporter, expressed his dedication to these candidates and their platforms. Lowe remarked, “It’s about what they stand for.”

However, for many, the act of voting transcended individual candidates. Bert Beebe, for instance, underlined the historical significance of voting. He stated, “My family fought for the right to vote; it’s my duty.”

This sentiment was echoed by Susan Beacht, who highlighted the symbiotic relationship between voting and the ability to voice opinions. “It’s a duty and an honor,” Beacht affirmed. “If you choose not to vote, you forfeit your right to criticize.”