Entergy Mississippi Equipped for Hurricane Season, Urges Public Preparedness

Published 11:48 am Monday, August 14, 2023

As The National Hurricane Center’s recent announcement of an increased projection for major storms has prompted heightened awareness due to elevated temperatures in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, raising concerns about severe weather threats.

Entergy Mississippi underscores its readiness for potential storms and calls upon the public to take proactive measures in preparing for severe weather.

Shawn Corkran, Vice President for Reliability at Entergy Mississippi, emphasized the growing urgency of pre-storm preparations. “Storms are impacting our region more frequently and with increased intensity, making it a greater priority to prepare ahead of time,” said Corkran.

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Entergy Mississippi’s storm preparations encompass year-round efforts, including vegetation management, inspections, industry collaboration, and training. Recognizing that vegetation often triggers power outages, the company employs “sky to ground” vegetation trimming on specific line segments, a process aimed at minimizing tree limb interference with power lines. Advanced computer modeling is utilized to forecast potential trimming requirements.

The approaching weeks are pivotal, with past late-August storms like Hurricanes Andrew, Katrina, Laura, and Ida serving as stark reminders of the need for preparedness. The last couple of years have witnessed hurricanes, tornadoes, and severe thunderstorms inflicting significant damage on the distribution system.

Robbie Kemp, Vice President of Customer Service for Entergy Mississippi, emphasized the importance of safety and encouraged individuals to prepare ahead of time. “Safety is at the forefront of all we do, and we encourage you to prepare now and remain safe when severe weather hits,” said Kemp. He advised the public to create personal storm plans and assemble emergency kits with essential supplies, providing access to additional resources through the Entergy Storm Center.

Staying informed throughout a storm event is vital. Entergy Mississippi offers various channels to receive updates:

  1. Customers are urged to verify their contact information via their online Entergy accounts at myEntergy.com.
  2. The Entergy App enables customers to report outages and monitor power status at their residences or businesses.
  3. The View Outage website provides outage maps and restoration progress information.
  4. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter will feature real-time updates.
  5. Notifications about storms and restoration can be received by texting REG to 36778.
  6. The Entergy Storm Center website offers comprehensive storm safety, preparation, and restoration details.