Tonya Cialona Named Nissan of Picayune Citizen of the Week

Published 10:34 am Wednesday, July 19, 2023

“Tonya Cialona, a resident of Picayune, is making a positive impact in her community through her dedication to fitness and real estate. Born in Nappa and raised in Louisiana, Tonya relocated in 2001 to be closer to family, and she has since become an influential figure in her newfound home.”

With two daughters and six grandchildren, Tonya leads a fulfilling life as a successful businesswoman and a devoted family member. She is the proud owner of “Bodies by Tonya,” a fitness business that empowers individuals to achieve their health and wellness goals. Tonya’s journey into the fitness industry was motivated by a personal tragedy when her grandson passed away in 2010. Determined to make a difference and promote a healthy lifestyle, she channeled her passion into helping others transform their bodies and improve their overall well-being.

In addition to her fitness enterprise, Tonya is also a dedicated real estate agent. She obtained her real estate license in 2005, driven by her genuine care for people and her desire to witness their success. Her personal experiences have shaped her empathetic approach, as Tonya understands the importance of having a permanent home. Growing up, she never had a stable residence due to the tragic loss of her father to a drunk driver when she was only seven years old. Despite the challenges, Tonya purchased her first home in Louisiana at 18, a significant milestone that fueled her determination to help others find their place of security and stability.

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Outside of her professional endeavors, Tonya enjoys traveling and cherishing moments with her children and grandchildren. She actively participates in local groups, serving as the treasurer of the Pearl River County Board of Realtors. Tonya has also played a pivotal role in helping the Picayune Police raise funds and establish a fitness center. Moreover, she advocates for bikers and supports the Share the Road movement, emphasizing the importance of road safety for all users.

Tonya Cialona’s unwavering commitment to her community and her ability to inspire others through her fitness business and real estate endeavors make her remarkable. Her journey and dedication to making a positive impact continue to leave a lasting impression on those around her.