Pearl River County Board of Supervisors Takes Action to Tackle Speeding Issue

Published 12:39 pm Monday, July 3, 2023

Concerns over rampant speeding in Pearl River County were discussed during Monday’s latest Board of Supervisors meeting.

One of the main requests made by the board was to increase the number of unmarked police vehicles. This tactical move aims to catch speeders off guard, acting as a deterrent and encouraging drivers to follow speed limits. Additionally, the board called for law enforcement units to be deployed for longer periods on various roads to discourage speeding and ensure greater safety for residents.

The Road Department also shared its concerns with the board. They emphasized the urgent need for a new speed monitor, as the current one is not working. In response, the board swiftly approved the department’s request for funding to purchase a new speed monitor. The proposed device, which will cost $6,075, is expected to improve speed control and enhance road safety in the county.

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In addition to technological upgrades, the board discussed the importance of better signage and road markings. One proposal involved moving unused stop signs to areas where they are most needed, especially in subdivisions. By implementing this measure, the board hopes to promote safer driving practices and reduce speeding in residential areas.

The decision to address the issue of speeding demonstrates the board’s commitment to ensuring the well-being of Pearl River County residents. By working closely with law enforcement agencies and the Road Department, the board aims to promote responsible driving and create a safer environment for everyone in the community.