Picayune Police Department Secures Grants for Equipment

Published 2:23 pm Wednesday, June 21, 2023

The Picayune Police Department has been awarded two grants totaling ~$15,000, enabling the acquisition of essential equipment to bolster the department’s capabilities. The grants, approved at a recent city council meeting, will facilitate the purchase of body cameras and portable radios, ensuring enhanced operational efficiency and public safety.

The first grant, the FY 2023 Coronavirus Supplement Grant, provides the department with $5,000 to be utilized specifically for the procurement of body cameras.

Police Chief Joe Quave expressed his appreciation for the grant, emphasizing its significance in advancing the department’s investigative capabilities. He noted that while patrol officers already have access to cameras, the new body cameras will be allocated to investigators.

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The second grant, the FY 2023 JAG local law enforcement Grant, amounts to ~$10,000 and will supply the department with portable radios.