Pearl River SPCA: Where Four-Legged Friends Await Their Forever Families

Published 12:22 pm Thursday, June 8, 2023

A human’s best friend can be that four-legged animal we fall in love with at first sight. It can have all the energy in the world and love playing in the dirt or can be a night owl and purrs when it loves the company.

The Pearl River County SPCA has been the home of many animals who are trying to find that perfect forever family. They provide daily services to cater to the animals and make sure they are as healthy as can be for when they are picked out by a family perfect for them. The SPCA has trailers set up in the area where the community can donate aluminum cans and when collected that money is given to the shelter for the care of the animals; ” It comes back into the shelter, food care, cleaning..” The director of the SPCA, Ms. Beth, stated.

The guy who collects the cans for them “comes in and checks on the trailers every day, maybe twice a day just kind of depends on what the trailer looks like but he does it daily. If he does over a truckload, it’s usually over $100”. But, of course with this there are rules; the only rule being that you cannot recycle any other kinds of aluminum or metals; only cans. All the money for this goes towards not just food and cleaning supplies for the shelter, but it helps with the medical aspect.

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The SPCA was built to hold around 80 dogs; however for about over a year now they have been overcapacity; sitting at around 191 dogs. So how does the shelter handle this kind of situation? Beth explained that “So puppies aren’t a big deal; they usually get their kennel for disease quarantine reasons. The adult dogs, we like to house them 2 to a kennel; 2 to a kennel is what we like, but it’s been 4 to a kennel for over a year now. They do get to get out when they do their morning cleaning.” With this, impacts the workers and volunteers because of course they love working with the animals. However, they “don’t get to spend that one-on-one time with the dogs” because of the larger number.

Not just the workers and volunteers, but the animals are impacted by the many roommates as well. “Not very well…everyone who has a personal pet at home that when the doorbell rings, they go crazy…the same thing happens at the shelter. They see a new person and they go jumping; sometimes their barking and sound aggressive but it’s excitement. Which, sometimes excitement is a good thing, but all day every day is pretty overwhelming”. With barking, the barking can become overwhelming because when one bark, then others tend to bark. Some of the dogs, however, may shut down early on or may become irritated with their kennel mate who may be overly excited.

With a large number of animals in the shelter, there has to be something they can do to try and reduce the numbers back to normal. Unfortunately, euthanasia is something that is considered in not just this shelter, but over the world. Pearl River SPCA, fortunately, has other options. While they cannot house every animal that comes in, they can help with trying to rehome pets.

“I can’t house every animal, but I can help get your pet fixed or up to date on vaccines; we can do our best to figure out a way to rehome on your own”, Beth explained. With this, pet owners who need to rehome their companions can at least make sure their pets are healthy and happy before going to the next family. Being a foster parent to these loveable animals is another option. You can be a foster parent for a day, where you go in and sign your name and leave your license and can pick a dog you want to spend the day with. If you just can’t part ways, you can also have a sleepover! The SPCA would provide the food and necessary items needed to help the dog be entertained until you return them the next day. As for the cat lovers, sleeping over for a night or two would be an option as well; unless you do want to talk to them on a walk as well!

To clear some stereotypes; “All pets are vaccinated. dewormed, spayed/neutered”, and that their being unhealthy is wrong. The SPCA, along with others in the country, take care of the animals to make sure they go to their forever home with a clean bill of health.

Anyone interested in wanting to become a foster playdate, become a foster parent or are considering adoption, please visit the Pearl River County SPCA at 1700 Palestine Rd or call (601) 798-8000.