Poplarville resident receives Business and Marketing technology award at PRCC

Published 12:11 pm Thursday, April 20, 2023

Kalyn Pullens is a 32-year mother of two children, who in 2021 went back to school to receive her second degree in Business Marketing.

Before that, Pullens attend Pearl River CC in 2010 where she graduated with a Cosmetology degree. She then opened her own business and a private hair salon. As time moved on and as Pullen’s children were going into preschool, she made a career change.

“I felt complacent so I did something about it,” she stated. “I felt there was more to life,  and that I could be used more than just being a hairstylist…I felt like there was another calling for me.”

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Pullens found her calling in the PRCC Marketing program. She enrolled in 2021, and fell in love with the course and what it had to offer. Being a mother of two, Pullens took the majority of her classes online, and the few in-person classes, she said went by great. What drew her into the program was Pullen’s love of talking to people and her creative mind. She took a Digital Media class that she ended up enjoying and winning a Digital Media Award. She was also awarded the Business Marketing and Management Technology award at PRCC with a 4.0 GPA.

“I love the program and it was a good adventure.” After graduation, she received a job at PRCC’s BookStore. “I love my job and I love what o do here” stated Pullens.

Pullens’ advice for other mothers or parents seeking to go back to school is simple.

“I would say to go for it, and that you can always depend on yourself. It may seem a little bit scary but without fear, you can’t build the courage to do great things.”