Picayune PD and Village Strong, Collaborate for Community Party

Published 10:30 am Monday, March 20, 2023

Village Strong and the Picayune Police Department held a community party at Leola Jordan Park. It was a great turnout, in a forever-lasting effort to collide the community with city businesses and the Police Department.



Chief of Police Joe Quave spoke on his continuing effort to build a relationship with the community. Just like he says in other coverage Quave and his department focus a lot on community engagement. So far they have established the community Night Watch, and Layups at the Link will return for its second year this summer.


“It’s important for me not to assume you’ve got a good relationship because you can miss the mark there and be wrong. There’s no denying it when you keep conversations going and keep the relationships going; it’s something that matters a lot to me and I’m thankful that it’s something we have within the community. We want to keep that going, and we’re always going to do something.”


That “something” this time was a Pizza Party at Leola Jordan Park this past Saturday afternoon. Kids, parents, teens, and all in between enjoyed the beautiful day. Rather it was playing basketball, swinging on the monkey bars, and eating snacks in between the community had a great time.


“I appreciate the community support because we can plan all we want by they’re the ones who show up,” said Quave.



Village Strong led by Wanda Worley provided food donated by Dominos Pizza and books donated by Megan Miller of the Margret Reed Crosby Library. Quave said it’s great to collaborate with other businesses, Worley agreed and said it takes a village to make all of this happen.


“When you’re able to get everyone together on the same page, going after the same mission, and the same goal, we have a better outcome and better opportunities for our community. And we’re about to show our community that we are all in this together,” said Worley.


Village Strong will be holding a canned food drive, in April. More details will be provided at a closer date. At every event Village Strong will have the books on deck for others to take.


The Police Department will be holding a Department and Public Safety Fundraiser for “Warriors of the Badge” on June 17. Followed is Layups at the Link. Details on these events will be provided at a later date.