Council propose new road construction during Washington visit.

Published 9:41 am Tuesday, March 28, 2023

On March 8, Council members Lynn Bumpers, Jan Stevens, and Larry Breland were able to meet with the congressional delegation (Congressman Ezell, Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, and Senator Wicker) in Washington DC.

The Council proposed to them a multi-phase road project. The project is to design a frontage road from Memorial Blvd North to Sycamore Road. This proposed road will run along I-59 from exits 4 through 6. which is appointment 2 miles. The Council asked for money to do the design for the entire road and build the road from Memorial to East Canal.

Nearly 2,600 cars a day travel through Memorial Blvd, and this project was designed to alleviate that traffic congestion by creating a two-lane road.

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The frontage road will improve access to I-59 to develop the East Canal area and improve opportunities for persons in these High Poverty Areas. The city has obtained almost 70% of the right-of-way to a 60-foot width and committed another 10% of the needed right-of-way. The project will design the frontage road from Memorial Blvd north to Sycamore Road, complete an environmental assessment, identify and purchase the remaining right-of-way, and construct a frontage road from Memorial Blvd to E. Canal St. This will provide immediately spurring commercial development, relieving congestion, and provide employment opportunities in Possible and High Poverty Areas.

The total project cost sums to $4.3 million. Last year the State Legislature provided $800,000 towards this project.

Below is the proposed look of the I-59 project.

There was a good and positive response from the Senate regarding this proposal. The project is in the beginning and discussion stage, it hasn’t been officially voted on by the Council. But after hearing good news from the Senate and MDOT this project is looking very doable for the City.