Upcoming Police Department Courthouse will take 18 months to build

Published 10:44 am Wednesday, February 8, 2023

The anticipated and official Police Department Courthouse will receive its final contracting pricing in the upcoming weeks. Seven million dollars is still the max budget set by the Mayor and City Council of Picayune. Retired D’Iblerville Assistant Police Chief and D’Iblerville City Manager Clay Jones and CEO of MP Design Group, David J. Machado who are overseeing this project presented an update on the upcoming courthouse. They side towards the nearly 15,000-16,000 square foot project being under the city’s budget.

The Courthouse will be located on Highland Parkway, on the North side of the Shopping Center off I-59 and Sycamore Rd and the current design does leave space for future expansion to the courthouse.

The project is estimated to take 18 months to construct and it will begin as soon as pricing is received and voted on. Machado plans to have a stamp on the price in time for the Tuesday, Feb.21 meeting.

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