Rouse’s Supermarket to hit groundwork early this summer

Published 9:56 am Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Project Manager for Rouse’s Supermarket, Pete Roy presented to the Mayor and City Council of Picayune a project update on the anticipated Rouse’s Supermarket.


There was no action taken for this agenda but a lot of information was collected for the Council and the citizens of Picayune. The Rouse’s Supermarket is expected to begin its 36,000 square feet construction in May or June and Spring of 2024 is the targeted opening day. The store will take over the old Winn Dixie location, at 1701 HWY 43 North, (off I-59 and Sycamore Rd) where the shopping center is located.

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Roy said this project will be a “major transformation” for the shopping center as $15 million is being invested into it. This project will open a lot of job opportunities in the city. It’s noted that Rouse’s Supermarket employs 7,000 team members. Roy said Rouse’s will create 75-85 full-time “permanent jobs.” Along with 40-50 part-time jobs and nearly 30 temporary construction. Roy noted that construction will not just build from the ground but from dirt, by removing the building’s current concrete layer.


“That’s why it’s so expensive because we do it right and we’re going to again total transform (the shopping center). It will look like it was built ground up when it’s done,” said Roy.