Crosby Commons to Grow & City Entrance Signs Now in Sight

Published 12:14 pm Thursday, February 23, 2023

The city of Picayune has two projects in the works, one is the expansion of the Crosby Commons Park, second is placing Welcoming signs at both I-59 Exit 6 and I-59 Exit 4 interchanges.

Crosby Commons Expansion

The quarter acre of land, just a few feet east of the Crosby Commons was recently bought as city property. That will be the holding place for the Crosby Commons Expansion project called, The Oaks at Crosby Commons. Under a $485,000 Mississippi Department of Transportation grant, the City will develop that land into a wedding and events area. In place will be expanded fencing just like the ones at the park. Expanded parking, lighting, and under one roof will be a men’s and women’s bathroom, prep/food catering room, and salon room. Floor plans can be seen in the picture below.

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Public Works Director Eric Morris projects the project to start in May or June and estimates it to be 12- 18 months to finish. The street that is between the landscapes will remain untouched but it will operate as street closure billiards when need be.


Town Entrance Welcoming Signs

Another attraction to grasp Mississippi residents to Picayune is on the way. Two signs made of stucco, each 35 ft wide and 8 ft are tall with three flags that say the City Of Picayune will be placed at both I-59 Exit 6 and I-59 Exit 4 interchanges. Originally this project was placed to cost an estimated 35,000-45,000 but that price is being re-evaluated.

Mayor Jim Like said the community entrances provide a true first impression of the community.

“This is the opportunity to grab the attention of visitors and bring them to our city… So I-59 is not only the front door of Picayune but its also the front door to Mississippi.”

Note that the cities have received over 27,000 in donation that could be used towards this project. The city will also be responsible for maintaining and cleaning that area which MDOT relieved to the city.

A proposed look of the signs is below.