AFA Action calls for Mississippi Lt. Gov. Hosemann to protect kids from explicit sexual content with HB 1341

Published 4:15 pm Saturday, February 25, 2023

It is unfathomable that local Mississippi libraries are giving kids access to pornography,’ says AFA Action CEO Walker Wildmon


TUPELO, Miss. — Concerned Mississippi parents are urging the state Senate to pass House Bill 1341. The bill would prohibit public schools and public libraries from offering “digital or online resources or databases” if any of the resources available contain content that is deemed “obscene,” “inappropriate,” or “sexually oriented.” The bill was unanimously passed in the Mississippi House and is currently being considered by the state Senate and Lt. Gov. Delbert Hosemann.

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AFA Action, the government affairs affiliate of the American Family Association, is calling for Mississippians to urge Lt. Gov. Delbert Hosemann to protect innocent children and pass the bill.


“It is unfathomable that local Mississippi libraries are giving kids access to pornography,” said AFA Action Chief Executive Officer Walker Wildmon. “Through the Magnolia Library database, kids can learn how to have sex, how to be a male prostitute, or how to use a transgender dating app. State tax dollars are paying for this filth. The Magnolia Library database is offered through a company called EBSCO, which has a contract with the state of Mississippi to offer a kid-friendly service to provide articles, books and other materials through an online portal.


“Kids can access the Magnolia/EBSCO database through a computer or smart phone. When they do, they are invited to click their grade level. Even a child who clicks ‘Grades Pre-K to 2’ can read about books on elementary-school lesbians, transgender 15-year-olds, and BDSM. Likewise, they can find articles with titles like: ‘Implementing an LGBTQ Training for Teen Pregnancy Prevention Facilitators,’ or ‘Service, Sex Work and the Profession,’ or ‘Christian Men Who Have Sex with Men.’”


Wildmon continued, “Every child in Mississippi has access to Magnolia through their school library or with a public library card. The product Magnolia/EBSCO is providing, however, is not kid friendly at all. EBSCO has been named by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation as one of the worst companies in the United States ‘for facilitating or profiting from sexual abuse and exploitation.’


“The Left is using databases like EBSCO to target kids, exposing them to sexualized materials and also content that encourages drug use and gambling, but we have the power to make a change. Concerned Mississippians must protect our children and urge the Senate and Lt. Gov. Delbert Hosemann to protect innocent children and pass House Bill 1341.”


To learn more about AFA Action’s effort to pass HB 1341, click here.


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