Law Enforcement continues to crack down on drugs in Pearl River County

Published 1:15 pm Tuesday, January 3, 2023

The Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department will have no tolerance for drug crimes in 2023.


“We will be proactive and make sure that if anybody thinks about coming here in Pearl River County to commit a crime we will be there to get them and lock them up,” said Pearl River County Sherriff David Allison.

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The Sherriff Department provided the Item with a summary of 2022 crimes. This department heavily targets drug crimes to limit them in our county.


In 2022 the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department answered 22,804 calls of service. They made 266 drug-related arrests and of those 266 arrests were 418 different offenses or charges.


“Some of the 266 arrests had more than one charge against them,” said Sherriff David Allison.


This led to Allison explaining that drugs lead to most of the other crimes the community will hear about. The reason they put up a fight on drugs is that the majority of crimes, like homicides, car jackings and robberies involved drug-related crimes.


Having control of drugs is a top priority for the sheriff’s department. Many crimes are linked to some sort of drug relation. Sherriff Allison said the department does not anticipate an increase in drug crimes in 2023. If anything he expects crimes to be in line with 2022’s statistics. He added,


“We still live in a safe community, we’re not anticipating any increases in crimes.”


Allison said some credit goes to the community’s efforts in keeping an eye on their neighborhood and reporting it to the police of the Sherriff.


The Sherriff department and police department encourage their community to continue this in 2023.