Coastal Environmental Services and its new Enhanced Services

Published 10:07 am Tuesday, December 27, 2022

The Pearl River County Coastal Environmental Services (CES) has issued information regarding its new Enhanced Service that will start on Monday, Jan. 9, 2023.


The Mayor and The City Council of Picayune have decided on enhancing the level of service that will be provided in Picayune. Therefore effective January 9, CES will utilize their New Automated Side Loader trucker (ASL). This truck will pick up waste on one side of the street, (its right side) and then pick up waste on the other side of the street. CES will also move to car content only, which means all household waste must be containerized. There will no longer be pick-ups for bulky waste or green waste. All bulky waste and green waste will be picked up by the City of Picayune.

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Contact the City of Picayune or the Public Works Department in regards to any debris piles you need to be picked up.


Through CES’s Facebook post on December 23, here are five important things to remember for Picayune residents.


  1. This is a CART CONTENT ONLY service. All household waste should be bagged and placed in cart. Do not overfill cart.
  2. Bagged household waste outside of the cart will NOT be collected.
  3. All carts should be placed at the curb the night prior to your scheduled day of service. The handle of the cart should be facing your house.
  4. Your cart should be a minimum of 3 feet away from your mailbox, parked vehicles, cable box, post, pole, fence, etc. Please do not place cart under low hanging branches or power lines.
  5. We will not service any round cans or carts. If you need an additional cart, you can rent one from us for $24 per year. This must be prepaid. You also have the option to purchase a cart from us or you can purchase your own cart. However, the cart must be the same shape and size as our cart.


When it comes to cart-only content, residents must place all solid household waste items in their cart. Do not overfill your cart(s). The lid should not be open more than six inches. CES will not pick up any bagged items or any other items outside the cart(s). Each resident will be allowed to put up three approved carts to the curb per collection day.


Cardboard boxes should be broken down and placed inside of your cart(s). The only expectation is large TV boxes and large appliance boxes. These will be picked up by the City of Picayune.


Carts should be placed at the curb the night before pick-up service or by 5 a.m. The opening for the lid should be facing the street. Also place all carts 3 feet away from vehicles, mailboxes fire hydrants, power poles, or fences. Every resident has a 95-gallon green cart. Residents can rent additional carts from CES for $24 per year. Residents can purchase their own carts as long as it’s 35 gallons or larger and is a similar shape. CES does not pick up round cans.


For handicap services please contact CES’s office to see if you’re eligible for Handicap Service under the terms and agreements.

CES will not access any private roads driveways or parking lots.


To send in a report, or rental request, or need current repairs contact Customer Service Representatives at 601-799-5537.