15th Circuit Intervention Court receives grant from the Lower Pearl River Valley Foundation

Published 1:09 pm Wednesday, December 7, 2022

The 15th Circuit Intervention Court has been awarded $75,000 from the Lower Pearl River Valley

Foundation for the continued growth of the program. The 15th Circuit Intervention Court is a problem-
solving intervention court that divert felony criminal offenders with substance abuse disorders/co-
occurring disorders from the justice system into treatment and community living overseen by JudgenPrentiss Harrell.

The program is a three-to-five-year structured program that provides the supervision, treatment
and support needed for substance abuse felony offenders to become drug-free productive members of
society. The program has many requirements in order to graduate. All participants are required to
maintain sobriety for a minimum of two years, obtain a GED or high school equivalent certificate, obtain
a drivers license, write book reports, pay all fines and fees in full to sentencing county of conviction, etc.
Upon graduation the felony record of the participant will be expunged (if allowed by law).
In 2021 the 15th Circuit Intervention Court provided service to an average of 250 participants. In
most cases our participants reunite with family which in itself impacts much more than just the
participant. Provided assistance in helping 5 participants reunite with their children after losing them to
State custody. Graduated forty participants. Completed forty expungements for participants who
graduated which will provide a clean slate for the new chapter of their life. Had six drug-free babies
born. Had thirty-nine participants obtain their GED or high school equivalency test. Had six of the
graduating participants earn a degree from Pearl River Community College in academics or a technical
trade. Collected over $91,581.69 for the counties of our district in circuit court fines assessed at
sentencing. Administered over 6045 chemical analysis tests that provided structure for our participants
to maintain their journey to sobriety. Saved the State of Mississippi $4,901,950.00 by providing an
alternative to incarceration. Participants met with the Judge Harrell on 24 different occasions for
progress updates and encouragement. Participants were provided OVER 32,400 hours of counseling.
Participants had frequent home-site visits from their officer as an additional deterrent against drug and
alcohol abuse. Participants received assistance with job training, job placement, housing, and

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Judge Prentiss Harrell and the 15th Circuit intervention Court are very thankful to the Lower
Pearl River Valley Foundation for its community partnership. It has enhanced the programs’ ability to
prepare our participants for a successful reentry to a healthy, productive future.