Picayune Police Department Press Release

Published 12:46 pm Wednesday, November 23, 2022

At the beginning of this summer, we created a unit called the Neighborhood Enhancement Team. The

unit consisted of officers whose sole responsibility was to proactively address neighborhood complaints.

This method made certain that neighborhoods were actively patrolled and that it wasn’t interrupted by

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calls for service. We considered it to be a success and beginning September 1st of this year the unit was

established full time. The unit operates side by side within the Narcotics Division since neighborhood

complaints and drug activity often coexist. This unit works mainly street level cases. Those cases then

get passed onto the Narcotics Detectives to investigate and then if need be, will be forwarded to state

and federal agencies for further prosecution.

We established this unit to not only disrupt illegal activities throughout the City of Picayune but to

continue to strengthen relationships in the community. Although we are tasked with enforcing the law,

we believe that the relationships we form with the community can have a lasting impact. You have

probably seen these same officers talking to your neighbors or interacting with the youth.

Picayune is not a haven to commit illegal activity. However, it is a great place for the citizens of the

community; to play, socialize, and relax with their families. For that to happen we will make it our

mission to rid neighborhoods of crime and illegal activity.

Since September 1st the Narcotics Division and Neighborhood Enhancement Team have made 64

arrests. These arrests consist of:

Drug Possession: 24

Larceny: 2

Disorderly Conduct: 3

DUI: 10

Fraud: 1

Warrant Arrest: 5

Identify theft: 2

Paraphernalia: 13

FTA: 1

Burglary: 1

Destruction of Property: 1

Assault: 1

Other Arrests: 4

These statistics do not include arrests made by patrol officers or Detectives.

Since September 1st of this year the Narcotics Division and NET have also executed six search warrants

with the City of Picayune. The charges on these search warrants varied from anything to Possession of

Paraphernalia to Trafficking a Controlled Substance and Possession of a Stolen Firearm.

This is a very hard-working department and the officers assigned to the narcotics division and NET are

no exception. I appreciate everything they do to make our city and our neighborhoods safe. Our patrol

officers are very much a factor of how effective the narcotics division and NET can be also. They assist

with many tasks from case building to manpower on search warrants. The Pearl River County Sheriff’s

Department and Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics has also assisted us as well. If it weren’t for a team

effort, we would not be as successful as we are.

We are also thankful for the community support and the tips that come in. People often think that their

neighborhood complaint is too minor to report or don’t want to inconvenience us but quite often it’s

the minor issues that lead us to solving major issues. We encourage anyone that has a neighborhood

complaint to report it, it’s what we’re here for. Tips can be reported anonymously through dispatch at

601-749-5482 or Mississippi Coast Crimestoppers at 877-787-5898.