PRC School Board meets exchange students

Published 1:00 pm Saturday, October 15, 2022

During Thursday’s regular meeting of the Pearl River County School District’s Board of Trustees, PRCMS was given a volleyball team, and the Board discussed office renovations and athletic projects.

The Board also welcomed the district’s seven foreign exchange students. The Board approved its policy allowing up to seven foreign exchange students to study in the district during a meeting held earlier this year after a representative of ASSE, an organization that promotes international exchange students, asked the Board to consider increasing the number of students the district will accept. After the Board made the change, all seven spots were filled. Two of those students are from Spain, and the rest are from Thailand, Germany, Brazil, Belgium and Ukraine.

After reading a letter recommendation from Pearl River County Athletic Director Cayne Stockstill, the Board approved a motion to add a middle school girls volleyball team for the 2023-2024 school year. The FY2023 budget was amended in the amount of $6,000 for the middle school volleyball start up costs.

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The Board approved s budget amendment to fund central office renovations in the amount of $200,000 and the cheer and dance facility in the amount of $96,210.

The Board approved a change order for the baseball/softball improvements. Based on the plan and scope of work submitted by contractor John C Lee Enterprises, the cost to complete the softball field grading and drainage work will total $74,998.00. The total will include all labor, materials, equipment, and incidentals necessary to complete the scope of work.

Chief Financial Officer T. J. Burleson said he will be able to determine a start and completion date for the project after a planning meeting on Monday.

In other business, Burleson said the PRCHS auditorium is 99 percent complete and the volleyball locker rooms and concession stand is complete. The baseball/softball concession stand project will begin this week or next week. PRCHS athletics received a new scoreboard donated by Coca-Cola in Hattiesburg.

The Board also approved a request to add a teacher’s assistant position at PRCES for the special needs classroom for the 2023-2024 school year. The new position is needed due to an increase in students.

The Board discussed and reviewed MSBA recommended policies including the BBBF, JEB and JGCDA-P. Policy BBBF is a non-current existing policy giving school board members reimbursement and travel advances. Policy JEB is a new policy regarding student tracking safety devices. This sets the parameters for parents who want to send a tracking device with their students to school, on a school bus or during school events. These devices will not be allowed to record audio or video. Policy JGCDA-P in also new and regards management of Narcan (Naloxone) administration in school settings. This allows for the usage and storage of the overdose emergency medication Narcan. These items will be voted on during the next Board meeting.