No U-turn sign installed on Highway 11 to ensure emergency vehicle access

Published 4:29 pm Saturday, August 6, 2022

Work to widen Highway 11 in Picayune between Lakeshore Drive and Cayten Street concluded less than a month ago, but Mississippi Department of Transportation added one finishing touch recently, a no U-turn sign near Highland Community Hosptial.

On Tuesday Aug. 2, MDOT erected a no U-turn sign on Highway 11 at the emergency entrance to the local hospital across from Fatty’s Seafood Restaurant. Prior to the new sign being erected this location was a common place where motorists conducted a U-turn, at times causing traffic to back up in the adjacent lane.

Mississippi Department of Transportation Engineer Dexter Childs said the sign was installed there to deter drivers from using it as a turn around because that area has been designated for emergency vehicle use only. Childs said that area will be the only spot on Highway 11 with a no U-turn sign. To his knowledge there are no plans to add another along that route in the near future. That means U-turns can still be preformed at the intersections of Highway 11 and Highland Parkway, Highway 11 and Highway 43 North and Highway 11 and East Sycamore Road.

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Phase two of the project is still estimated to begin as early as mid July or as late as the summer of 2024. Phase-two begin work where phase-one ended at Cayten Street to Fourth Street and include replacement of the bridge on Highway 11 that crosses the East Hobolochitto Creek.