Chapel Hart comments on moving up in AGT

Published 8:55 am Wednesday, August 24, 2022

After impressing the world and the America’s Got Talent judges with their song ‘You can have him Jolene,’ Chapel Hart decided to take a risk in the next round. That risk was worth taking. They gave a fiery performance of their song ‘The Girls Are Back in Town’.

“We knew going in, it was a little more of a riskier song coming from ‘You can have him Jolene,’ but we mentioned the other day that there are some many facets of Chapel Hart and so many components that make up Chapel Hart,” singer Danica Hart said.

“A little bit of old school country and new country, a little bit of rock, a little gospel, there’s so many things that make up Chapel Hart and our goal is to show America as much of Chapel Hart as we can but there’s such a small window to do it.  We knew it was a risk but we know overall we still got a great response from America and people around the world. It was a risk worth taking.”

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When the dust finally settled after their performance, Chapel Hart singer Devynn Hart said, “We are just over the moon, excited to have made it this far in the competition. It’s amazing, especially when you take in consideration all the amazing acts there were.”

Chapel Hart has made it past a large number of other acts. The semi-finals featured dozens of acts that are currently being narrowed down to 10 acts. There are three more weeks of acts before the final 10 are named.

The finale performance will be on Sept 13. The results will be announced live the following day.

“Poplarville, the whole Pearl River County of Mississippi, can continue to support us by making sure they’re ready to vote on the night of Sept. 13,” said Chapel Hart singer Trea Swindle.

On Sept. 13 voting will be open for 12 hours. Viewers can vote on or by downloading the official AGT app. Viewers get 10 votes per method.

“So if they really want to support is they’d download the app and refer to us online,” said Swindle.

Danica said she wants to thank everyone who supported Chapel Hart through their website. On their website,, fans can purchase merchandise, apparel, CDs and tour tickets.

“It really does help, we are still an independent artist, we work hard and every time they go and buy a T-shirt or purchase merchandise it helps us get a little further down the road, so we thank y’all for that. It’s another way everyone can continue to love and support Chapel Hart,” she said.

In anticipation for the finale, Chapel Hart declined to spoil any secrets, but Danica did say, “It’s safe to say, expect more Chapel Hart…continue to expect more Chapel Hart… it’s going to be Chapel Hart like you’ve never seen before.”