The benefits of adopting from the PRC SPCA

Published 10:17 am Friday, July 1, 2022

The animal shelter is a place that houses lost pets and animals but it’s only meant to be a temporary home. The goal is to find homeless or lost pets a new family.

In 2021 the Pearl River County SPCA completed 1,147 dog and 889 cat adoptions. So far in 2022, 659 dogs and 348 cats have been adopted. Pearl River County SPCA Spokesperson Maria Diamond gave several reasons why potential pet owners  should consider adopting a pet from their local shelter.

Pets at the shelter are spayed and neutered, along with being microchipped and have up to date vaccinations. Dogs are additionally tested and treated for heart worms, worms and flees.

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Every rescued animal is assumed to have worms and they are treated when brought to the SPCA.  Adopted animals come with a bag of Science Diet food appropriate to their age. One of the best perks is that the animals in the shelter are socialized by volunteers and staff.

“We work with them and try to learn their personalities and try to match up the person with the type of pet that they want,” said Diamond.

Another benefit of adopting from the shelter is the access to information through the shelter’s staff, who are happy to provide information to help alleviate any problems a pet owner might experience.

Diamond said some people may believe in the false stereotypes about shelter pets.

She said that any cat or dog in a shelter was not put there for a negative reason, such as illness or due to behavioral problems. At times, pets are surrendered to the shelter because a family is moving to another place that doesn’t allow dogs or a certain breed.

“Most of the pets we get are strays or the family is moving, they have allergies to the pet, or the owner’s health may be bad. It’s not the animal’s fault they are in the shelter, we get really nice dogs and cats in our shelter.” said Diamond.

Adopting a pet from the shelter is also more cost effective than buying one from a breeder. Adoption fees vary from $60 for cats, $80 for kittens and $110 standard for dogs based on their breed. The fees include up-to-date vaccinations, spaying or neutering and microchips. The shelter also holds various specials throughout the year that reduce prices on selected pets. In comparison, vets may charge $300 or more for the same services provided to the pets prior to adoption from a shelter.

Adopting a pet assists the shelter by adding to the revenue and opening up space so other animals may find their forever home.

“Mainly it helps us get animals out and frees up the cages for more to come in. I feel like we’re providing a service for the people as well as the animals because this pet is going to be a joy to them, a loyal friend, someone that gives them a reason to get up in the morning,” said Diamond.

Anyone considering adoption can see the available dogs and cats by visiting or going to the PRC SPCA on Palestine Road in Picayune.