Obey My Voice

Published 9:29 am Friday, July 8, 2022

By Shannon Marshall

Three men were flying over the Aleutian Islands on their way to Anchorage Alaska. The occupants of the small plane consisted of the pilot and two lawyers. The pilot on board was the only one who could fly the plane. Once the plane flew into the clouds the pilot happened to go unconscious. The two lawyers on board said what do we do? The lawyer in the front seat beside the pilot handed the radio to the lawyer in the back seat and said get us some help.

The man with the radio said, “Hello, Hello!” A pilot in another airplane answered. The lawyer explained the pilot was unconscious and no one on board knew how to fly the plane. The pilot in the other plane contacted Anchorage Emergency. Soon Anchorage Emergency contacted the lawyer on the radio. The man from Anchorage Emergency said we understand no one aboard the plane knows how to fly. The man said, first we got to find you. My job is to get you home safe. First you must obey my voice. You are in the clouds and have no idea where you are and how disoriented you are. You must follow my voice, or you are going to die. The lawyer radioed back and said we got nothing but your voice.   

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Anchorage Emergency told the lawyers they were an hour a half from Anchorage and between them and Anchorage there were storms. The man on the radio said, “hear me, don’t look at the storms, don’t look outside, just hear my voice and I will get you through it. Trust my voice, your head is full of all kinds of voices, but you must obey mine. I am going to bring you in and line you up.”

The man on the radio said at the end of the runway are some lights in the shape of a cross. The cross will lead you home. Stay with me and follow my voice. So many listens to other voices and they self-destruct, collapse, or crash and burn. The lawyer obeyed the voice and landed the plane safely.

You might be in a scary place with no one to pilot your life but you. Listen to His voice. You may have all kinds of voices telling you what to do. Trust the voice of God. Obey His voice. Jesus said, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” (John 10: 27). We got nothing without the voice of God.