Going Outside

Published 10:25 am Friday, July 1, 2022

By Shannon Marshall

It’s often fun to compare how things were “back then” to how they are now. For example, back then when you were a kid and got in trouble you got sent to your room. You couldn’t go outside. Now, when kids are punished they have to go outside and can’t play their electronics or watch TV. I did some research.

The number one reason kids do not go outside and play as much is because of paranoid parenting. Some are afraid to let their children climb trees because they could get hurt. They’re afraid they’ll catch a cold in the rain, eat dirt or other things. This has caused a culture to be afraid of outside. Why doesn’t the church go get outside?

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Sometimes people in churches think that the staff should be the ones going outside the walls of the church. No one wants to help. Some only go outside to get other people for special occasions. Some do not invite people to church because they say they do not know any lost people. The world outside wonders what goes on at church because no one takes the message outside of the church.

There are 40 miracles in the book of Acts. Only one happened in the church. We need to leave our seats and get out into the streets. WE want to stay comfortable. Take the church outside of the walls. There is a world that needs to know him.

When we go outside we find that people are wrong about Jesus. They have wrong expectations for Jesus. Often prayer lives are just demands. People have this view of how they want Jesus to be. We need to show the world what Jesus is about.

People are in need of Jesus. They don’t realize that they are the reason He went to the cross. He went to save you! These people need real forgiveness and they may not even realize it. They need to know He is Lord.

Never point fingers or tell people they are wrong and you are right. There are people with needs. People die everyday without Christ. Can you imagine living your entire life without knowing there is hope? Go outside and bring Him to the world.