Hornets tennis approved grant for resurfacing its courts

Published 2:34 pm Thursday, June 16, 2022

The Poplarville High School tennis team is getting a new surface on the tennis court.

The Hornets haven’t played a home match for over three years because of the current condition of the courts, which are typically only used for practice sessions.


After Monday’s Poplarville School District Board of Trustees meeting, the Board accepted grants totaling $8,800. The Board received $4,000 from the USTA Mississippi Tennis Association and $4,800 from Coast Electric Community Trust grant.


First year Head Coach Mandy Ladner is looking forward to a season with newly resurfaced courts. Prior to the Board accepting the grants, Ladner and her players took the initiative to start raising money for that work. Ladner applied for several grants, and the players worked concession stands during the 2021-22-football season for extra cash.


“When I took over that was the main thing I wanted accomplished, getting our courts resurfaced,” said Ladner in a previous interview.


The tennis team even picked up trash after the Hornets football spring game and green and white game.


“Our kids are hustling to try and get the courts resurfaced,” said Ladner.


Resurfacing the courts is the main project but the team also needs new nets, which are currently bring mended together with fishing line. The team could also use a new ball pitching machine in the near future.


“Those are the main things I want to get accomplished, but the court comes first,” said Lander.


As of now there is no timeline regarding the start and completion of the resurfacing work on the courts.