Beautification efforts underway in Poplarville

Published 1:08 pm Saturday, June 4, 2022

Residents and groups in the city of Poplarville are working together to beautify the town. Some of the efforts have included clean up days held by the City, establishment of a Butterfly Waystation at City park by the local 4-H, murals on the walls of businesses along Mains Street and even yarn bombing in the city by the Poplarville Creative team.

Carol Williams with the Poplarville Chamber of Commerce said the Chamber might have sparked residents to take efforts to beautify the town. The Chamber received an Operation Round Up grant from Coast Electric Power Association in early March for the amount of $3,500. That money was used to paint two murals and conduct general beautification efforts across the town. It included pressure washing the sidewalks along a three block radius.

“Which made a huge difference in front of all the business,” said Williams.

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Recently the Chamber painted the building that used to house the PRC Tax Assessor’s office and a building adjacent to it. The Chamber is planning to place another mural in town created by Nikki Main along with members of the Poplarville Gardening Club.

After the Chamber’s first project, Williams said some of the Poplarville business owners have taken to beautifying their areas themselves.

“They have freshened up their own business,” she said,

She also hopes the citizens are pleased with the results and that the efforts instill pride.

Local business Apple’s Ltd. now features a butterfly mural on the side of the store. A creation of local artist Nikki Main, the mural features a beautiful large blue butterfly with several smaller butterflies around it. The project started a month ago and took several weeks to complete. Apple’s Ltd. storeowner Pamela Applewhite LaHaye said she has seen quite a few people stop and take pictures with the mural. The store also uses the mural as a backdrop to take photos of their clothing line. Apple’s Ltd. is also working with 4-H and the Junior Master Gardeners to plant plants that attract butterflies. The project will allow the business to register the courtyard as a Monarch waystation.

When asked how the recent beautification affects the town, LaHaye said,  “It’s going to be real positive impact on Poplarville.”

Mayor Louise Smith, who helped organize the City Clean Up Day, said she is in love with the beatification efforts.

“We really appreciate the artists who beautify our town, I appreciate the people who rolled up their sleeves to make these projects happen and make Poplarville a much more presentable community,” said Smith.

Smith thanked the Chamber of Commerce for the beautification projects, Nikki Main for the murals and for her part as head of the Yarn Bombing project and 4-H for the Butterfly Waystation at City Park. She said she would also like to thank anyone else who helped make Poplarville beautiful.