The fun of gardening in containers

Published 11:31 am Sunday, March 20, 2022

My name is Teresa Covington, and I’m addicted to plants!  It started when I was 12 and was given an arrowhead plant.  I found out I could propagate the plant and make more plants, how wonderful! I gave the new plants to family members and told them how to take care of them. Using a spoon from the kitchen and digging soil from the yard, I worked with my plants. 

Flash forward to today, and I don’t even know how many containers of plants I have.  I enjoy my flower beds and vegetable garden, but my containers are special to me.  With containers you can grow plants that your zone will not support by protecting them or providing conditions needed.  I like tropical plants that will not survive our winter, so I grow them in containers and protect them when needed.  A new plant can be monitored for water needs and to see if it can handle true full sun or shade and can be moved if needed.

Using the design technique thriller, filler and spiller, I make a lot of different combinations.  By propagating some of my plants and protecting them in winter, I can save money.  Every spring I bring my plants out, trim any dead parts, fertilize and make up my containers. I change plants around every year, so my containers are never the same. My best advice would be to make sure that all plants in a container have the same water and light needs. Combinations are unlimited.

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In 2020, I took the MSU Master Gardener training classes. Through the Master Gardener program I have gained a wealth of additional information on plant identification, new propagation techniques, pest control, and so much more.  To join this great group of people, call the Pearl River County Extension office at 601-403-2280.

By Theresa Covington