The trouble with shaking vivid dreams

Published 3:28 pm Saturday, January 15, 2022

By Ronnie Michel

I typically dismiss dreams; however, when one stays with me all day, just as vividly as it occurred when I was asleep, I pause and pay attention.

In my dream I was decluttering, an activity I enjoy. (Another is shopping, which makes decluttering necessary. It’s a ridiculous cycle.) As I would sort through a stack of stuff, tossing the unnecessary, I’d find a pair of eyeglasses I had never seen before. I would try on the glasses and discover they were my exact prescription, bifocals and all. I sorted stack after stack, and each revealed a new set of eyeglasses.

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I shouldn’t have been surprised by the dream because I’ve been trying to remove distractions that keep me from prayer. The day before I had the dream, I had decided to fast for a brief time from social media and television (but not newspapers!). My dream was the encouragement I needed.

I believe when distractions are removed, and I draw closer to God through prayer and meditation, my vision becomes sharper, I see things more clearly, and the things God wants me to focus on appear. One of the cries of my heart is to always see life through God’s eyes, with His lenses.

When I see God everywhere, I’ll pray about everything. When I pray about everything, I’ll see God everywhere. Now that’s a glorious cycle.

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