A New Day

Published 12:12 pm Thursday, January 13, 2022

By Shannon Marshall

The nation of Israel had been in a drought for three and a half years. The drought caused the drying up of every plant.  The scenery was by then one of complete discouragement. Creeks and ponds had all dried up. It was truly a discouraging time. But Elijah began to pray. After Elijah had prayed, he sent his servant to look toward the sea. The servant saw nothing.  Seven times the servant went to look.  On the seventh time the servant said, “There is a cloud, as small as a man’s hand rising out of the sea.” (1 Kings 18: 44) Elijah told King Ahab to prepare for rain. It began to rain. “There was a heavy rain.” (vs. 45) Drought was over, it was a new day in Israel.

You ever been in a dry season of life? During a dry season, all you can see is drought and discouragement. Maybe the new year will bring a new day to your life. What do you do if a new day is coming?

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First, getting ready. Prepare for the new day. What are you preparing for? What are you praying for? What are you persevering in? Keep at it. If you are wanting a dry season in your life to end, you need to get ready for when the rain comes. A preacher in a new church in Miami always set out a thousand chairs. He did this until a thousand people came. Then he sat out more chairs. Get ready!

Second, getting it right.  The psalmist wrote, “my cup runneth over.” (Psalm 23 :5) You want your cup to overflow with the right things. Look at what you allow to be put in your cup. Look at the well you draw from. Who do you allow to speak into your life? Look at the water you drink, the source from which you get the words you trust. Let Jesus be the one who pours into your cup.

Third, girding to receive. When a blessing comes, receive it. We often ask for others to be blessed. But we can also ask God to bless us. God to bless our homes, marriages, relationships, families, health, careers, finances, schools, communities, and other areas. It has been dry to long. It is time for a new day. Many blessing on you.