Today is Oct. 2, 2021

Published 4:37 pm Saturday, October 2, 2021

Today is Oct 2

International Day of Non-Violence

Today we celebrate the birthday of a man who helped bring forward the notion of “non-violence,” and the tremendous impact this form of social response has had all over the world in the last century. On the International Day of Non-Violence, created by the United Nations in 2007, we look back on the influence of an Indian activist born Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi but known the world over as Mahatma Gandhi. The International Day of Non-Violence honors how Gandhi’s work and legacy has impacted global,  non-violent protest.

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The UN has good reason to use Gandhi’s birthday to celebrate International Day of Non-Violence. Gandhi’s commitment to India’s independence and his methods have been the cornerstone of civil and human rights initiatives all over the world. Put simply, Gandhi saw it as completely irrational to use violence to achieve peace, but rather, “just means lead to just ends.” This is a lesson we can all take to heart.



National Name Your Car Day

Name your little red corvette, “Swifty,” and see what happens. National Name Your Car Day every year on October 2, pays homage to those of us who love our rides so much — we name them!


Card Making Day

The best way to celebrate Card Making Day is, of course, to learn how to make your own cards! There are often card making classes to be had at craft stores nearby, and if you have friends who are into scrapbooking they’ll be more than happy to teach you how to go about making your own cards. The only limit to your cards is your imagination, so let your creativity fly and send your friends and family personalized cards on Card Making Day!

You can also make your own cards using different computer programs and then getting them printed. It is up to you whether you want to go down the arts and crafts route or more of a graphic design-inspired option. What matters is that you have gone to the effort of making a card yourself.