The full view of downed trees

Published 3:20 pm Saturday, September 11, 2021

By Ronnie Michel

As I looked at the trees and limbs scattered by Hurricane Ida, I was immediately grateful none fell on my roof. (Wind-tossed shingles littered my lawn, some water entered my home, but there was no flooding.)

I had no idea how tall the trees were until I saw them on the ground. An old woodsman proverb came to mind, “A tree is best measured when it’s down.”

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Our community has been knocked down, but our strength and grit and determination is beyond measure. We will recover. We will rebuild. We will be better than ever.

I’m daily thanking God for each and every person affected by Hurricane Ida. We are all one step closer to a brighter future. I’m also grateful for the overwhelming support from our churches, outside ministries and agencies, and the men and women diligently working to restore our power. May each reap greatly from what they have sown.

My favorite prayer to pray for my home, St. John the Baptist Parish, is one I learned from Mrs. Rhea Bernard. It’s taken from the words uttered by John the Baptist in Matthew 3:3, “Prepare the way for the Lord. Make straight paths for Him.” May we all look to God for our daily needs and reflect His love and grace to the world.

May God bless us all.