Snake in the Grass

Published 11:31 am Thursday, September 23, 2021

By Shannon Marshall

While I was walking through some high grass located in a grownup field, I got to thinking the place was a good place for a snake. So, I became cautious by looking for a snake in the grass. If I got bit by a poisonous snake, I would require anti-venom. Anti-venom is made from the blood of sheep. A sheep herd in Australia is injected four times a year with a little snake venom. The blood is drawn from the sheep to make the anti-venom.  Sheep have a natural resistance to snake venom. A rancher watched one of his lambs get bit in the face by a snake. The lamb’s face became swollen quickly, but in a few days the lamb was normal. The rancher said, “the blood of the lamb was stronger than the venom of the viper.” The blood of Jesus is greater than the venom of Satan.

We need to remember God is bigger/stronger than the world’s venom. We all thought the pandemic would be over by now, but it is not. We don’t need to think the pandemic is bigger than God.  We need to reboot the main thing in our life.

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In Jeremiah 7, Jeremiah is preaching at the gate in the temple. He is telling the people who came into the Temple to worship, to change their ways. Jeremiah 7:3 “Amend your ways.” The people had forgotten the main thing. They needed to reboot the main thing. We need to reboot the main thing for our life.   

First, we stop tripping over the small things.  The people were coming to the temple just to check off a box, so they could say, “I went to church, now back to my life. Don’t get trapped up in the small things.

Second, we see living in the satisfying things. Doing things God’s way.  God wants us to live in obedience to him. We stop the me mine set. The main we reason we come to church is to meet with God.

Third, we start rebooting the Savior’s things. We start over with faithfulness. We don’t allow Satan to discourage us. We keep the main thing the main thing.